Continuing Care at Grace Pointe

We are a nursing home in Greeley that offers continuing care. What does that mean to you? Continuing care means that the professionals at Grace Pointe will work as a team to smooth the transition from rehabilitation to home or to your next level of care.

Continuing care promotes good communication among patients, caregivers and healthcare providers with the goal of keeping the patient healthy and happy without the need for readmission to a hospital or rehabilitation facility. If skilled home health care is required, the health care team at Grace Pointe will assist patients in finding a home health care professional.

Continuing care also works within the facility. Professional health care providers within the rehabilitation section of Grace Pointe will communicate with caregivers in the residential areas. This is one of the most compelling factors for choosing a residential facility that has an outstanding rehabilitation center.

Of course, each patient’s care needs are different, so be sure to ask about continuing care when you visit Grace Pointe. Call (970) 304-1919 today for a tour.