Physical Therapy in Greeley at Grace Pointe

When looking for physical therapy in Greeley for seniors, look to Grace Pointe’s Rehabilitation Center for superior patient outcomes. Patients return to pre-hospitalization life quickly with the assistance of the experienced professionals and the sophisticated equipment and technology at our community.

Grace Pointe stands apart from rehabilitation hospitals with its ability to accept patients with a wider range of diagnoses and approval of longer stays. We gladly accept Medicare, Humana, and most supplemental insurances. Are you battling with your insurance company to get vital care? Please call us to discuss your options.

Grace Pointe proudly employs the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill, a revolutionary treadmill that helps to speed the patient’s recovery. Private rooms, electric beds and nurse call systems are some of the other amenities of the rehabilitation area.

The goal of short-term rehabilitation stays at Grace Pointe is for the patient to be able to return home with the resources required to continue living at home in the most dignified, independent manner possible.

Having the Rehabilitation Center at Grace Pointe allows long-term residents to receive physical therapy without the need for transportation to another facility. For seniors who are currently living in a private home, choosing Grace Pointe for physical therapy in Greeley will provide the best care possible while building relationships for future care.

Call Grace Pointe today at (970) 304-1919 to discuss your rehabilitation needs.